Aptitude MCQS test No. 34: Verbal Ability Prepositions Q & A (I)

There are several types of sentence completion but for your exam, only prepositions are in the syllabus so we are explaining only this area. These words join nouns for the rest of a sentence. We would need several pages to list all the prepositions, but common examples are about, above, at, for, in, to, and with.

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1. They drove to Shalimar _____ September 15th.


2. We get up early ______ the morning


3. He’s working on his homework ______ the moment.


4. He was born ______ July.


5. I’II see you ______ a few weeks.


6. We arrived in this country _____ September.


7. We like going to the cinema _____ Fridays.


8. She’II be at work ______ Thursday.


9. What do you like doing ______ weekends?


10. We met ______ Eid day.


11. I love go shopping _____evening time.


12. Let’s meet _____ seven o ‘clock


13. I went there ______ 1998


14. Do you dream ______ night?


15. I lived in Holland ______ the 1990s.


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