General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 7: Taylor Swift Biography


Tylor Alison Swift born in 1989. She is an American artist, song writer and most popular singer. She starts her career at the age of 14 and become the youngest singer of American history. Her first album released in 2006 was most popular album. Swift second album Fearless released in 2008 and this album become 2009 best selling album of the year. She include in 100 greatest song writers of all time. Here we conduct a quiz about personal and professional life of Taylor Swift.

1. Name the city in which Taylor Swift was born?


2. Taylor Swift has appeared in which one of these films?


3. Her debut album was released in:


4. How many times have Taylor Swift been married till now?


5. She was named after singer:


6. What is the middle name of Taylor Swift?


7. How many siblings does Taylor Swift has?


8. The singer was born on December 13, ____________.


9. Which of the following is the debut album of Taylor Swift?


10. Taylor Swift has not dated which one of these?


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