General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 10: Steve Jobs Biography

Steven Paul Jobs born in 1955. He was an American business magnate, inventor and industrial designer. He was the co-founder of Apple Inc. He was also the founder of NEXT and primary investor of Pixer. He was the member of the Walt Disney Company. He was very hard worker and a visionary person. In 2007 Steve Jobs named include in Fortune Magazine most powerful person in business. Here we conduct a free online quiz about personal and professional life of Steve Jobs.

1. Which company did Steve Jobs found after leaving Apple?


2. What was the first Apple device?


3. Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in:


4. Which college did Steve Jobs attended?


5. Steve Jobs died in:


6. What did Steve jobs die of?


7. When did Jobs return to Apple?


8. What is his complete name?


9. Before founding Apple, Steve Jobs used to work for which video-game manufacturer?


10. Steve Jobs was born in:


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