General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 12: Shakira Biography

Shakira Isabel Mubarak Ripoll born in 1977 in Colombia. She is singer, song writer, record producer and dancer. First time she began performing in School level. Her first album released in 1990. Her next album was released in 1990 and next album was Pies Descalzos. She is most famous pop singer of the world. Her successful single in english released in 2002. In 2010 Fife world cup her official song WAKA WAKA become most selling world cup song. Below we conduct a free quiz about the professional career of Shakira.

1. Shakira is married to which of the following football players?


2. In which year did she sing the official song of FIFA World Cup, “Waka Waka”?


3. She has served as a coach on which one of these American singing competition shows?


4. Shakira was born in which one of these countries?


5. Her first album in English language was:


6. Shakira was born on February 2, _____________.


7. What is her complete name?


8. What was her debut studio album?


9. In 2014, Shakira became the _____________ person to reach 100 million followers on Facebook


10. Shakira is an Arabic name meaning:


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