General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 14: Sergey Brin Biography


Sergrey Mikhaylovich Brin born in 1973. He born in Russia But his residence in America and he is American scientist. Brin is also co-founder of world largest search engine Google. Brin is the 13th richest person of the world. He is the president of Google. From his childhood he belong to a poor family and they have no source of income but now he is most wealthiest person. We organized a quiz about the personal and professional life of Sergey Brin.

1. Sergey Brin was born in which country?


2. Sergey Brin was born in:


3. Sergey Brin co-founded Google in:


4. Sergey Brin co-founded Google with:


5. Sergey Brin has made a cameo appearance in which one of these films?


6. Sergey Brin and his family moved to United States when he was __________ years old.


7. How many children does Sergey Brin has from his first marriage?


8. Sergey Brin was married to:


9. What is the current salary of Sergey Brin?


10. Sergey Brin met Google co-founder while studying at:


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