General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 20: Robert Downey, Jr Biography

An American actor and singer Robert John Downey in 1965. He is most popular and successful actor of Hollywood. In 2012 to 2015 he remains in highest paid actor of Hollywood. His debut film Pound (1970). He was just five years old appeared with his father. Iron Man movie is one of the super duper hit movie of his career. Avenger series movies are most successful movie series in box office. Downey is most famous actor of Hollywood. Below we conduct a quiz about personal and professional life of Robert Downey.

1. What is the name of his debut film?


2. Robert Downey has not appeared in which one of these films?


3. How many Academy Awards have Robert Downey, Jr. won?


4. What is the name of his debut studio album?


5. In the beginning of his career in Hollywood, Downey remained roommate for three years with which one of these actors?


6. What is the name of his character in Iron Man film series?


7. What was the age of Robert Downey, Jr. at the time of making his film debut?


8. Robert Downey, Jr. was born in which year?


9. Which superhero does he play?


10. The actor has been married how many times till now?


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