Aptitude MCQS test No. 66: Quantitative Reasoning Simplification (I)

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1. Find the volume to the nearest cubic inch, of a cone whose radius is 12 inches and whose height is 15 inches ?


2. Find  the sum of the exterior angles of a 15 sided polygon ?


3. Find the midpoint of the segment joining the points (4, -2) and (-8, 6) ?


4. Find the number of degrees in each interior angle of a dodecagon ?


5. What is the definition of a polygon ?


6. The dry erase board or chalk board in your room is what shape ?


7. Find the slop of line perpendicular to the line whose equation is 2y + 6x = 24 ?


8. Find the distance between the points (3, -2) and (6, 4) ?


9. Find the measure of each exterior angle of a regular hexagon ?


10. What is a polygon called if the sum of its interior angles equals 1440º ?


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