Aptitude MCQS test No. 65: Quantitative Reasoning Word Problems (Algebra)

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1. The product of two consecutive positive integers is 12 more than 12 times the sum of those two integers. What is the smaller of the two integers ?


2. Ali was 40 years old when his son Asim was born. How old was Ali when he 5 times as old as Asim ?


3. What is the greater of two number whose product is 900, if the sum of the two numbers exceeds their difference by 30 ?


4. Kiran got married 6 years ago. Today her age 5/4 times her age at the time of marriage. Her son’s age is 1/10 times her age. Her son’s age is ?


5. A train travels 225 km in 3.5 hours and 370 km in 5 hours. Find the average speed of train ?


6. Compare the speed of two trains, one moving at the speed of 80 km/hr and the other at 10m/sec ?


7. A jar contains only red, white and blue marbles. The number of red marbles is 4/5 the number of white ones, and the number of white ones is 3/4 the number of blue ones. If there are 470 marbles in all, how many of them are blue ?


8. A father is twice as old as his son. 20 years ago, the bf the father was 12 times the age of the son. The present age of the father (in years0 is ?


9. How many seconds longer does it take to drive 1 mile at 40 miles per hour at 60 miles per hour ?



A train 100 metres long passes a bridge at the rate of 72 km/hr 25 seconds. What is the length of the bridge ?

11. The length of each side of square is 3 more than the length of each side of a regular pentagon. If the perimeters of the square and pentagon are equal, how long is each side of the pentagon ?


12. As a fund-raiser, the school band was selling two types of candy: lollipops for 40 cents and chocolate bars for 75 cents each. One Monday, they sold 150 candies and raised 74 dollars. How many lollipops did they sell ?


13. Ten years ago A was half of B in age. If the ratio of their present ages is 3 : 4, what will be the total of their present ages ?


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