Aptitude MCQS test No. 80: Quantitative Reasoning Basic Arithmetic Percentage

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1. Orange is to fruit as Bus is to ____ ?


2. XYZ is to ZYX as KLM is to ____ ?


3. Book is to Booklet as Duck is to ____ ?


4. Eye is to See as Ear is to ____ ?


5. Girl is to Boy and lass is to ____ ?


6. When is to Hen and Where is to ____ ?


7. Ball is to Round as Egg is to ____ ?


8. Elbow is to see as Ear is to ____ ?


9. Kitten is to Cat as Cub is to ____ ?


10. Wood is to Table as Shirt is to ____ ?


11. Cold is to Winter as Hot is to ____ ?


12. Nitric acid is to HNO3 as Sulphuric acid is ____ ?


13. Tokyo is to Japan as Katmandu is to ____ ?


14. Calorie is to Heat as Joule is to ____ ?


15. 5 is to 50 as 8 is to ____ ?


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