Aptitude MCQS test No. 85: Quantitative Reasoning Basic Arithmetic Numerical Ability

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1. What fraction is 0.6 % ?


2. For a rectangle, the length and breadth are increased by 10% and 20% and 20%, respectively. The percentage increase in area is ?


3. The daily wage is increased by 25% and a person now gets Rs. 25 per day. What was his daily wage before the increase ?


4. What per cent of 2/7 is 1/35  ?


5. .025 in terms of rate per cent is ?


6. The population of a town is 32000. Its increase 15% annually. What will it be in 2 Years ?


7. 20% of 30% of 20% of Rs.850 is ?


8. If the side of a square is increased by 30%, its area is increased by ?


9. What per cent is 3% of 5% ?


10. If 12% x is equal to 6% of y, then 18% of x will be equal to how much per cent of y ?


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