General Knowledge PK MCQS Test No. 11: Book/Novel Writers Info

Pakistan is most famous country in the world in every aspect. There are many writers and journalist in Pakistan. Pakistani writer’s books are published in many countries of the world and translate into many languages. Pakistani writers have written a lot of subjects. There are several internationally known writers in Pakistan and given here is a free online test about them which indulge questions related to the popular books and novels writers.

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1. Which author wrote the book “Water of life”?


2. Writer Abdul Halim Sharar died in _____________?


3. Allama Iqbal’s famous book “Javid Nama” was published in ________


4. The book, “Firdos -e- Bareen” is written by  _________?


5. The author of “Mauj-e-Kausar” is ___________.


6. The writer “Amjad Islam Amjad” was born on _________?


7. “YADGAR E GHALIB” or “HAYAT E JAVED” books are written by?


8. The Book “In sight Mirror” is written by?


9. Writer Ahmad Faraz Ahmad died on _____________ ?


10. Which author wrote the book “JALAL O JAMAAL”?


11. The book, “Khutbat e Ahmadia’ is written by?


12. The writer Parveen Shakir was born in ____________?


13. In which year Sir Syed Ahmed Khan wrote the book “The Indian Mussalmans”?


14. The book, “Ek Derecha Ek Chirag” is written by?


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