World General Knowledge MCQS test No. 5: Nestle Info

Nestlé is an international food and drink-making company, which is present in many countries of the world.It serves customers with competitive brands.The following quiz will help you improve your knowledge about the largest food company in different countries.

1. Nestlé does not manufacture which one of these products?


2. Who is the current CEO of Nestle?


3. Nestle was founded in:


4. By revenue, Nestle is the largest ___________ company in the world.


5. Who is the current Chairman of Nestle?


6. Which country banned the sale of Nestle Maggi after being found unsafe and hazardous for consumption?


7. Which one of these is a founder of Nestle?


8. Nestlé is one of the main shareholders in which of the following cosmetics companies?


9. Nestle is headquartered in which country?


10. Nestle was formed by the merger of companies, Farine Lactee Henri Nestle and _______________.


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