General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 58: Mahatma Gandhi Biography

Most important and Historical personality Mahatma Gandhi was great leader of Sub continent. He was professionally a layer. He was one of the great leader of Hindus. Hindus called him Bapu and Mahatma . He wanted no separation of Hindus and Muslims. We planned a free online quiz about Gandhi’s life.

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1. Mahatma Gandhi was born in which city?


2. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by:


3. About how old was Mahatma Gandhi when he reached London to become a barrister?


4. Mahatma Gandhi was born on:


5. What is the birth name of Mahatma Gandhi?


6. Mahatma Gandhi died on:


7. Despite of not receiving any, Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for Nobel Peace prize how many times?


8. Mahatma Gandhi was married to __________.


9. Which one of these books was written by Mahatma Gandhi?


10. Which of the following did Mahatma Gandhi describes as his two lungs?


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