General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 58: Mahatma Gandhi Biography

Most important and Historical personality Mahatma Gandhi was great leader of Sub continent. He was professionally a layer. He was one of the great leader of Hindus. Hindus called him Bapu and Mahatma . He wanted no separation of Hindus and Muslims. We planned a free online quiz about Gandhi’s life.

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1. Mahatma Gandhi died on:


2. Mahatma Gandhi was born in which city?


3. Which of the following did Mahatma Gandhi describes as his two lungs?


4. Which one of these books was written by Mahatma Gandhi?


5. Despite of not receiving any, Mahatma Gandhi was nominated for Nobel Peace prize how many times?


6. About how old was Mahatma Gandhi when he reached London to become a barrister?


7. Mahatma Gandhi was assassinated by:


8. Mahatma Gandhi was born on:


9. What is the birth name of Mahatma Gandhi?


10. Mahatma Gandhi was married to __________.


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