General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 26: Lewis Hamilton Biography

Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton born in 1985 in United Kingdom. He is a British racing driver. He is also world champion in racing. He won first world championship in 2008. After that he won 2014,2015 and 2020 championship. Lewis is most brave and successful driver in British history. He made many record in racing. He started his professional career with in teen age.BBC announced Lewis sports personality of the year 2014. We conduct a quiz about the personal and professional life of Lewis Hamilton.

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1. Lewis Hamilton was born on 7 January, ____________.


2. Lewis Hamilton has briefly dated which one of these?


3. The Formula One driver belongs to which country?


4. What is the current car number of Lewis Hamilton?


5. Hamilton made his Formula One debut with which team?


6. He made his Formula One debut in:


7. Hamilton began karting at the age of:


8. Hamilton won his first Formula One World Championship in:


9. During which year did Lewis Hamilton made his debut for Mercedes?



In which year did he became a Formula One World Champion for the second time?



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