ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 38

ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 38 for Pakistani students who want to join Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force. Improve your suitability for commission tests if you want to select as future leadership. Most important questions related to ISSB Practice Test are given in the form of a computerized. Prepare Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test Papers and Solved past Model Sample Papers. Mostly questions were asked in the previous exam. You should prepare for that exam by solving the issb intelligence and initial test verbal tests. Interested candidates can get here the complete guideline about ISSB Intelligence Initial Test Online Preparation, Test Date, Schedule and quizzes of many tests in each topic. Each question has four options and one correct answer. I assure you that you will be able to pass your exam/interview with good grades/Marks.

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1. A computer is marked up 50% and then marked down by 30% if the final price is rs.33600,the cost price is ?


2. A businessman allows 25% discount on his advertised price and makes a profit of 20% what is the advertised price of the machine of which his cost is rs.15,000 ?


3. A man donated 5% of his income to a charitable organization and deposited 20% of the remainder un the bank if he now has 1919 left what is his income ?


4. In an examination a candidate must get 33% marks to pass A candidate who gets 220 marks fail by 11 marks what was the maximum marks in the examination?


5. A bankrupt can pay 56% of the amount due if his assets were rs.160,000 more he could pay 64% find his debt ?


6. A photocopier machine is marked up 50% and then later on marked down 30% if the final price is rs.3360 then what was the cost price of photocopier?


7. A person bought 2 cows at the same price he sold one of them at profit of 10% and for the other he received rs.500 more than he received for the first by his bargain he got 12.5% on the whole.What did each cow cost to him?


8. A rectangle is three times as long as wide the parameter (sum of all sides) is 160cm Find its area?


9. A sum of money lent at simole interest amount to rs.16,500 in 3 years and to rs. 19,500 is 5 years Find the sum lent ?


10. The face value of a 12% share is rs.100 a person invests rs.7875 in it at rs.105 per share Find his income in this bargain ?


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