ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 37

ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 37 for Pakistani students who want to join Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force. Improve your suitability for commission tests if you want to select as future leadership. Most important questions related to ISSB Practice Test are given in the form of a computerized. Prepare Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test Papers and Solved past Model Sample Papers. Mostly questions were asked in the previous exam. You should prepare for that exam by solving the issb intelligence and initial test verbal tests. Interested candidates can get here the complete guideline about ISSB Intelligence Initial Test Online Preparation, Test Date, Schedule and quizzes of many tests in each topic. Each question has four options and one correct answer. I assure you that you will be able to pass your exam/interview with good grades/Marks.

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1. Mr, Aslam is a chief accountant in a textile mills he spends one third of his salary on personal affairs, then gives half of remaining amount for the household purpose and finally he invested 75% of final remaining amount for emergency .if he has 1000 in head now , what is his total salary ?


2. A man employed a peon on the conditions that he would get rs.3000 and a watch after a month but after ten days he dismissed him and giving him only the watch, Find the value of watch?


3. Is it possible and if then what is the number?


4. There is an arithmetic word consisting of two fonts if we add both fonts and then square them the figure thus obtained is the same when we interchange the position of both fonts of original word What is the original word?


5. Book shop sells its books it its customers on 40% discount if one third books are sold on 33% discount and the total cash received is rs.6222 then what was the original price of all books.?


6. There are 29 teams in a cricket tournament. the main condition of contest is “knock_out” How many match will take place in the whole tournament?


7. The costs of a pair of pants and shoes total Rs. 175/- if the shoes cost Rs.25/- more than  the pants ,what is the cost of pants?


8. Two trains are moving in opposite directions at a speed of 50 and 70 km/hr Their lengths are 150m and 100m. the time required for their crossing each other is ?


9. In first wage plan ,one worker gets , 1000 rupees for a month doing 20 hours only , the management offered another plan to all its workers that normal rate of rupees 50 is to be given on 15 hours and then 20% extra commission is to be given on every extra hour of work done .if the same worker does the  same work done if the same worker does the same work in 20 hours. what will he earn in the second wage plan ?


10. If the price of silk is reduced by 20% its consumption increased by 30% by what percent revenue increases or decreases?


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