ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 36

ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 36 for Pakistani students who want to join Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force. Improve your suitability for commission tests if you want to select as future leadership. Most important questions related to ISSB Practice Test are given in the form of a computerized. Prepare Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test Papers and Solved past Model Sample Papers. Mostly questions were asked in the previous exam. You should prepare for that exam by solving the issb intelligence and initial test verbal tests. Interested candidates can get here the complete guideline about ISSB Intelligence Initial Test Online Preparation, Test Date, Schedule and quizzes of many tests in each topic. Each question has four options and one correct answer. I assure you that you will be able to pass your exam/interview with good grades/Marks.

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1. If there are 27 teams in a tournament  based on knock  out system .the winner of the tournament would win matches?


2. Find the cost of white washing  a room 40 feet long 30 feet wide and 20 feet high at rate of 50 paisas per square foot?


3. What profit percent is made by selling an article at a certain price if by selling it at half of that price there would be a loss of 15% ?


4. A sells an to article to ‘b’ at a profit of 20% ‘b’ sells the same to ‘c’ at the profit of 10% if C pays rs,6600 What did it cost  to A?


5. Saleem has three children the sum of weight of the two smallest children is 71 ponds, the sum of the two largest children is 96 pounds, and the sum of the weight of the smallest and the eldest  is 87 pounds,What is the sum of the weight of all three children?


6. A man walks a certain distance and rides back in three hours 45 mint. He could ride both ways in 2-1/2 hours. How long would  he take to walk both ways?


7. The average age  of a class of 50 students is 14.4 years  ten of them leave there by diminishing the average of 14.2 years Find the average of those who leave?


8. There are three departments A, B and C department B produces two units from one unit of “A” while C produces two units from one of “B” A &B department  sold half of their product to next  department and half to  outsiders then what is the total production of A department?


9. A man is going on his car at the of 40km/hr After thirty miles he rests for 10 minutes How long will it take  for him to cover 150 km ?


10. A watch lost one minute 18 seconds in 39 days. How many seconds did it lose per day?


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