ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 33

ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 33 for Pakistani students who want to join Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force. Improve your suitability for commission tests if you want to select as future leadership. Most important questions related to ISSB Practice Test are given in the form of a computerized. Prepare Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test Papers and Solved past Model Sample Papers. Mostly questions were asked in the previous exam. You should prepare for that exam by solving the issb intelligence and initial test verbal tests. Interested candidates can get here the complete guideline about ISSB Intelligence Initial Test Online Preparation, Test Date, Schedule and quizzes of many tests in each topic. Each question has four options and one correct answer. I assure you that you will be able to pass your exam/interview with good grades/Marks.

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1. Zahoor is 5 cm taller than Nasir , while Akram is 3 cm taller than Zahoor . if Nasim is 2 cm shorter than Nasir and having a  height of 5 feet . what is the height of Akram?


2. Khalid is now four times as old as this daughter , ten year ago ,if the sum of their ages was sixty. find the present age of daughter?


3. Complete the words:  D—-nk–y?       (Animal)


4. In a cricket_tennis ball tournament based on knock out system the winner of final match won six matches in whole tournament .How many teams took part in the tournament ?


5. The cost of one car or four bicycles is rs.180,000 Akram wants to purchase one car and one bicy cle and also willing to pay rs.90,000 as down payment. what will be the credit for Akram?


6. Two trains  are traveling in opposite directions one of these is 500 meter long having a speed of 120 km/h while other is 100 meter long having a speed of 60 km/h in what time do these crose each other ?


7. If pencils sell at 4 for 60 paisas how much will 2 1/2  dozen cost ?


8. A father’s age is twice his son’s age ten years ago he was thrice as his son find their present ages?


9. A shoes maker industry produces  1200 pairs of shoes in one month ,having 40 workers if it receives an order  of 1800 pairs in one month how many workers should it want to employ more ?


10. A figure comprises of four digits first and second digit are same while third is zero and fourth is square of the first digits is 15 them what is the figure ?


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