ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 32

ISSB Intelligence Online MCQs Initial Test No. 32 for Pakistani students who want to join Pakistan Army, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Air Force. Improve your suitability for commission tests if you want to select as future leadership. Most important questions related to ISSB Practice Test are given in the form of a computerized. Prepare Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) Test Papers and Solved past Model Sample Papers. Mostly questions were asked in the previous exam. You should prepare for that exam by solving the issb intelligence and initial test verbal tests. Interested candidates can get here the complete guideline about ISSB Intelligence Initial Test Online Preparation, Test Date, Schedule and quizzes of many tests in each topic. Each question has four options and one correct answer. I assure you that you will be able to pass your exam/interview with good grades/Marks.

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1. A tribe consisted of a man his five wives his seven daughters his six sons and their wives each son had two children  How many members were there in the whole tribe?


2. Add the number which come in the middle of the series to the largest number and divide the total by the smallest number: 28     5     18    6     7__?


3. In a group of 50  players 30% play hockey  80% play cricket Are  there any who play both hockey and  cricket?


4. If 10 years are added to 3/5 of Abid he will be 4 years younger to the present age of his elder brother who will be 25 years What is the present-of Abid ?


5. If a boy is 24 year younger than his father and after two year the sum of their will be 40. How old is the father?


6. There are eight balls arranged in such a way that one is the center while other from a circle a round the first How many lines have to draw in order to join each ball with  both adjacent balls and also with the central balls? no line can interest the other line also?


7. If a train is runing 4 mints lates and losing 4 seconds per minute how many more minute will it take for the train to running half an hour late?



A swimmer can swim a distance  of 36 kilometer in the direction of water current in the same time ,which he requires to swim 36 kilometer in the opposite direction of water current in stream if in stil water swimmer has speed of 12 kilometer per hour more than the speed of that of water in stream then what is the speed of water?


9. There is a two digit figure in which one digit is exacity half the other. if the position of both fonts or digits is interchanged ,the resultant figure when added with the original figure sum to 99 . what is the original ?


10. A city is 100 km away from B city . if A bus radius of two feet of its Tyre and it reaches to city B from A after completing 1000 revolutions of its Tyre then a car having radius of one foot of its Tyre will complete the distance in_ revolution of its Tyre?


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