General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 61: Honey Singh Biography

Indian pop music singer, songwriter and actor Honey Singh born in Indian Punjab. He is very famous pop singer of India. A large number of fans like his music and acting style. In young generation, he is a super singer of Bollywood. Below we arrange free online quiz about Honey Singh personal and professional life.

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1. Honey Singh was born in which one of these cities?


2. Which Honey Singh song is from a movie of actor Salman Khan?


3. Which of the following was his debut Bollywood film song?


4. Name his famous song picturized on Sunny Leone.


5. Honey Singh made his acting debut with film:


6. What is the real name of Honey Singh?


7. Which of the following song video features Bollywood actress Sonakshi Sinha?


8. Honey Singh was born on 15 March, ___________.


9. Where did Honey Singh go to study music?


10. What is the name of his song from the movie Chennai Express?


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