General Knowledge PK MCQS test No. 3: FATA Info (I)

Islamic Republic Pakistan came into existence in 14 August 1947.  Pakistan has five provinces and FATA (Federally Administered Tribal Areas). Pakistan is first and only Muslim nuclear power country. We organized a free online quiz about Pakistan and its Tribal Areas. Pakistan is most powerful country. We provide you all type of gaudiness given on this page and this information is most important for all students who want to attempt any type of written test and interviews.

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1. Landi Kotal, Last Railway station of Pakistan, is located in ?



2. Razmak is famous for ?


3. In which of the following agency Afridi tribe is settled ?


4. The total of FATA is ?


5. Bajaur is a city of ?


6. Torkham check post is located in ?


7. WANA is famous city of ?


8. FATA comprises of ?


9. Miran Shah is famous city of ?


10. In FATA the tribal laws and judiciary function is looked by the ?



11. FATA means ?


12. Major language (s) of FATA is/are ?


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