General Knowledge PK MCQS Test No. 12: Rivers Info (II)

Pakistan is the 36th largest country of the world. There are five largest rivers. The longest river is Indus and shortest river of Ravi. All river of important in agriculture sector. Mostly river inaugurated of Kashmir. There are mostly dam constructed on river. There are many canals originated indus. We organized a free online test provide you authentic information. Our purpose is to help our visitors prepare for all type of general knowledge related written exams and entry test.

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1. After the fall of Sutlej in Chenab Jehlum and Ravi at Punjab what is the name of this river  (Sitlej, Chenab, Ravi and Jhelum) which flows for 74 kilometers before falling into Indus.


2. Where the Indus River ends?


3. Indus river is also known as ________?


4. Name the longest river of Pakistan?


5. Where Jhelum and Chenab Rivers meet?


6. What is the total length of Ravi river?


7. What is the total length of river Indus?


8. From where the River Indus rises?


9. Name the river in Pakistan whose annual flow is that of the Nile?


10. How many rivers flows in Balochistan province?


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