General Knowledge PK MCQS test No. 18: TV Channels Info

The famous Pakistani TV channels have a millions viewership. The purpose of these channels are to provide free broadcasting, to give opinion of viewers, listeners opinion free of the impact of politics and private organizations. Below is given a free online quiz test about the famous Pakistani the top TV channels like PTV, Geo News, ARY, 8XM and Express News.

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1. The first Pakistani channel to broadcast Pakistani movies is _________ ?


2. The only Pakistan based Business news channel is _________ ?


3. Awaz TV is a _______ language TV channel?


4. Which one of the following is the founder of Geo TV?


5. The Pakistani music television channel 8XM first aired in ________ ?


6. The first ever sports channel of Pakistan was _________ ?


7. The Pakistan Television Corporation (PTV) was founded on 26 November, __________ ?


8. The famous Express News show Kal Tak is hosted by ________ ?


9. Which one of these channels is specifically for news related to Lahore city?


10. The only Pakistani English news channel is _________ ?


11. Which one of these television news channel is owned by Mian Amer Mehmood ?


12. ARY Qtv was launched by ARY Digital Network in _________ ?


13. The Express News channel is owned by ________ ?


14. The famous Geo News program Capital Talk is hosted by ________ ?


15. Which one of these is a Pakistani Education channel?


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