General Knowledge PK MCQS Test No. 9: Pakistani Designers Info

Designing is most famous profession in the world and in designing in Pakistan is most famous industry. There are many designers are popular in Pakistan. Pakistani designer’s designs is exported in many countries of the world. Pakistani designs are very popular in over the entire world. There are several internationally known designers in Pakistan. Below on this page we have provided a free online MCQ’s quiz about the top famous Pakistani fashion designers such as HSY, Sana Safinaz, Maria B., ChenOne and Bareeze.

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1. Which one of these designers is widely famous for jewellery designs?


2. The Sana Safinaz fashion brand was founded by ____________ ?


3. The first ChenOne store opened in 1997 at _________ ?


4. The Pakistani designer who created the world’s largest Kurta is __________ ?


5. The fashion brand J. was founded by ________ ?


6. Which one of the following is not a Pakistani Clothing Brand?


7. The fashion brand Bareeze was founded in ___________ ?


8. HSY is the fashion label of Pakistani designer ____________ ?


9. The Maria B. fashion brand is owned by __________ ?


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