General Knowledge PK MCQS Test No. 12: Landmarks and Places Info

Pakistan is most beautiful country of the world. It located in south Asia in map and geographically its location is very best for every aspect. Occupation of most population is farming. Land of Pakistan is very fertile and best for crops. There are many beautiful places in Pakistan and thousands of tourists came across the different countries of the world. Given below is a free online test about the Pakistan’s famous landmarks and places which can be increase your current level of general knowledge about these famous beautiful places of the country.

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1. The largest mosque of Pakistan is ________ ?


2. The Pakistan Monument is located in  __________ ?


3. The archeological site Mohenjo-daro is located in ___________ Province?


4. Swat Valley is located in ___________ .


5. Which one of these is the fifth largest Mosque in the world?


6. The height of Minar-e-Pakistan is _________ ?


7. . One of the oldest Muslim shrines in South Asia, Data Durbar Lahore houses the remains of Sufi Saint  ___________ ?


8. The Lake Saiful Muluk is located in ___________ ?


9. The hill station Patriata is also known as _________ ?


10. The Mazar-e-Quaid first opened in __________ ?


11. Pir Sohawa tourist resort is located on top of __________ ?


12. Which one of these places was called “The Switzerland of the East” by Queen Elizabeth II?


13. The height of world’s second highest mountain K2 is ___________ ?


14. Shahi Qila is located in the __________ city.


15. Hiran Minar was constructed by Emperor _________ ?


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