10th Class MCQS Test No. 1 for preparation of English 5th Chapter: The Rain

The Punjab Board of Intermediate and Secondary Education BISE PUNJAB BOARD English conducted Online Test for the 10th Class Model Paper Chapter No 05 preparation. You should try to attempt this online Text Book, Model Papers and get higher marks and Grades because it is very best option for you. Rain is the kind of Water that is in form of the Drops. And Coalescence generally happens most often in clouds above freezing, and is also known as the warm rain process. In clouds below freezing, when ice crystals become in the form of drops then it fall down on the earth. Rain is the blessing of GOD.

1. She was confident ______ her success.


2. He _____ twenty minutes ago.


3. This letter was delivered ________ me yesterday.


4. He is very careful ________ his health.


5. He is not confident_____ his weakness.


6. Complete the missing letters in the following words.




7. She asked why we _____ to leave yesterday.


8. The book ______ on the table for weeks.


9. The whole family depends _______ her for their living.


10. Good students always ________ hard.


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