General Knowledge PK MCQS test No. 45: Defence and Armed Forces

In the world, every country has their own defense department like an army, air force, navy, Rangers etc.

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1. Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of Pakistan Navy________ ?


2. Captain Muhammad Sarwar was martyred in the war of ________ ?


3. The range if Hatf-4 is ________ ?


4. Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of Pakistan Army________ ?


5. The range if Hatf-3 is________ ?


6. The range of Ghori-1 is________ ?


7. The name of first Pakistan made sub Marine is ________ ?


8. The highest official rank of Pakistan Army is________ ?


9. The name of first Pakistani Aircraft is ________ ?


10. Who was the first Muslim C-in-C of Air Force ________ ?


11. Tell the name of Cheif of Staff of Pak Army who died in uniform________ ?


12. At the time of 1971 war the C-in-C of Pak army was________ ?


13. HIT stands for ________ ?


14. The latest version of Hatf-5 is ________ ?


15. In which of the following cities is the headquarters of Punjab Rangers located________ ?


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