General Knowledge PK MCQS test No. 22: Defence and Armed Forces (III)

We organized a test about all Pakistan General Knowledge and Its important Abbreviations in the form of MCQ’s and Fill in the Blank Test type you can do all test and check your score to understand your exact and real-time preparation for Entry Test or NTS Test. we are Prepared a free Online Test about All General Knowledge in Pakistan with all In-depth Quiz in form of Online Testing for Better Preparation. Every country has their own defense department like an army, air force, navy, Rangers, Patrolling etc. and they protect the country from the terrorism and groups who are working in the anti-way of the country’s peaceful life. Our country forces are famous forces in the world. Another detail is given below.

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1. The range if Hatf-2 is ________ ?


2. Pakistan tested its nuclear device on ________ ?


3. The range of Hatf-1 is ________ ?


4. KPK Stand for ________ ?


5. GHQ Stand for ________ ?


6. Baktar Shikan missile system is ________ ?


7. The highest official rank of Air Force is ________ ?


8. Paery Cane was the first C-in-C of ________ ?


9. The first Chief of Staff of Pak Army was ________ ?


10. Who was the first C-in-C of Pakistan Navy________ ?


11. Zafar Ahmed Chaudhry was the first Chief of Air Staff of ________ ?


12. Defence day is observed on ________ ?


13. Frank Meseri was the first C-in-C of ________ ?


14. The headquarters of Air Force is located in________ ?


15. The highest non-operational Military Award is ________ ?


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