World General Knowledge MCQS test No. 6: BMW Info

Improve your general knowledge about the German luxury automobile and motorcycle manufacturer BMW.

The BMW is one of the most famous car makers in the world along with Audi and Mercedes-Benz. It is also the parent company for the much revered, royal-class automobile maker Rolls-Royce Motor Cars. Learn here the more about the BMW Logo, the company’s historical timeline, and their latest models with following online BMW Info Trivia Facts Quiz.

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1. After the Aircraft Engines, what did BMW first produced?


2. Which one of these is a slogan of BMW?


3. BMW is headquartered in which country?


4. BMW was founded in:


5. What does BMW stand for?


6. Which of the following is not a color used in BMW logo?


7. BMW started producing Automobiles in which year?


8. BMW is the parent company of which one of these?


9. What was the first product produced by BMW?


10. The first car which BMW successfully produced and launched on the road to automobile production was:


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