General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 67: Barack Obama Biography

The 44th president of United State of America Barak Hussain Obama is first African and his father belongs to Kenya. He is most powerful and energetic president of USA. He is also a noble prize winner. He is the great President of American History. Under We conduct an online quiz about the professional and the Governing era of Barak Obama.

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1. In which state was Barack Obama born?


2. Obama has been elected the President of United States:


3. Obama was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in:


4. Barack Obama was reelected President of United States in:


5. Barack Obama was elected as the President of United States for the first time in:


6. Barack Obama and his wife Michelle have how many children?


7. Obama’s father belonged to which country?


8. Barack Obama served as Senator for which state?


9. When was Barack Obama born?


10. Barack Obama is the _________ African American to become the President of America.


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