General Knowledge PK MCQS test No. 42: Balochistan Famous Cities Places

People who are seeking the general information about the Balochistan Famous Cities Places and of Pakistan, the test will help them. Below is given a free online quiz test which includes major and famous cities of Balochistan province as well as the well-known places located within them. To help our visitors the test contains are often part of various Pakistan GK related written exams and interviews. It is really important to have the appropriate amount of knowledge about this topic. Here we have provided one of the largest collections of quizzes for you to tease your brain, with an easy guide for quick and easy preparation about them.

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1. Total area of Baluchistan _______________?


2. The number of districts in Balochistan is _________.


3. Which one of these is the most populous city of Baluchistan province?


4. The dialing code of Quetta city is?


5. The important minerals of Baluchistan are coal, gold, chrome, fluorite, sulphur, quartz and ______.


6. Which one of these is the capital of Balochistan?


7. The east Baluchistan is divided from the rest of Sindh and Punjab by ______


8. Gwadar port is situated on ____________ at Gwadar in Baluchistan Province


9. Which one of these is the second most populous city of Baluchistan province?


10. The postal code of Lorelei city is?


11. Total cities in Baluchistan?


12. The oldest inhabitants of Baluchistan are _______ .


13. How many divisions are in Baluchistan Province?


14. The old name of Quetta city was ____________


15. The Pakistan’s fruits garden is ___________ .


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