World General Knowledge MCQS test No. 9: Animals Basic Info Q & A

Animals and birds are also found in various types, colors, and properties. Some are superficial, then some nanoscopic. We have detailed descriptions of ancient animals. The following online quiz test will help them who are currently preparing for some examination or even just want to test their general knowledge. Learn here the most important questions answers about this topic.

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1. The country which is the largest exporter of hippopotamuses in Europe is:


2. The country in which kiwi is found?


3. Name the largest known frog.


4. How many teeth a horse has:


5. Name the animal known as the river horse.


6. A group of sheep are called a:


7. Name the largest flying mammal


8. A group of wolves are called a:


9. Red panda is also known as the:


10. The size of a newly born kangaroo is:


11. A common domesticated animal which is colour-blind.


12. A group of peacocks are called a:


13. A group of cats are called a:


14. Name the longest known frog is the:


15. A female horse is called a:


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