General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 69: Akshay Kumar Biography

Most attractive and charming Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar starts working as Bollywood actor in 1990s. After his first hit movie public like his acting so much. With the time he becomes a superstar of Bollywood and he became popular as Khilari of Bollywood. Within 2 to 3 year he counts highest star of Indian film industry. The purpose of conducting this quiz is to provide information about the life of this personality.

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1. Akshay Kumar is married to which former Bollywood actress?


2. Which one of these was his debut film?


3. Akshay Kumar was born on 9 September, __________.


4. The actor was born in which one of these cities?


5. One of Akshay Kumar’s earlier profession before entering in the film industry was:


6. Akshay has received which one of these awards from the Indian government?


7. The production company founded by Akshay Kumar is:


8. Which one of these Television shows was hosted by Akshay Kumar?


9. Which one of these was the first breakthrough film of his acting career?


10. What is the real name of Akshay Kumar?


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