World General Knowledge MCQS test No. 11: Adidas Info Q & A

Adidas, the world’s leading manufacturer of Sportswear, has come up with sports shoes that have many features.

And its biggest advantage is that the company will sell only around 7,000 pieces worldwide. The highest selling company is well known as the brand of a leading athletic apparel, shoes and accessories seller.

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1. What is the official way to write the brand’s name?


2. Which of the following is the most major competitor of Adidas in international market?


3. Adidas is headquartered in which of the following countries?


4. The company was founded in:


5. Which sports brand sold the three stripes trademark to Adidas?


6. Who is the founder of Adidas?


7. Prior to starting Adidas, which company did Adolf founded with his brother Rudolf?


8. Which of the following is a slogan of Adidas?


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