General Knowledge Personality MCQS test No. 57: AB DE Villiers Biography

South African cricket player AB DE Villiers starts his career as test player in 2004 and One day in 2005. He has been number one rated in test and one day ranking several time. He is also caption of South African cricket team. His debuted in T 20 International in 2006. He is also a batsman, bowler and wicket keeper. So we manage a quiz about the personal and professional life of AB de Villiers.

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1. What is his ODI shirt number?


2. The fastest ODI century scored by AB de Villiers is off how many balls?


3. What is his highest score in ODI matches?


4. AB de Villiers was born on 17 February, ___________.


5. When did AB de Villiers became is South African One Day International team captain?


6. What is the complete name of AB de Villiers?


7. AB de Villiers is a left-handed batsman.


8. Against which team did he made his both Test and ODI debut?


9. AB de Villiers has scored the fastest fifty in ODIs on how many balls?


10. What are the maximum runs scored by AB de Villiers in a single over?


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