10th Class MCQS Test No. 7, for preparation of Maths 6th Lesson: Circle

If you are students of 10th class and wish to clear the annual examination with good grades. Here we are providing (the board of intermediate and secondary education) Math online test No.06 “Circle” on this page. Under the supervision of Punjab board all the Students who are going to attempt the 10th class annual exam can attempt this Mathematics book chapter no.06 “Circle” online test in order to access their current level and highlight the areas which they need to focus more. You just have to take online test and repeat them if you get lower marks. Mathematics is the study of quantity, change, space and structure.

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1. All the three angle bisectors of a triangle of an inscribed circle bisect at:



2. If two congruent circles touch each other externally, the distance between their center is:


3. How many number of tangents that can be drawn from a point outside a circle?


4. At how many points a tangent touches the circle?


5. A line from one vertex perpendicular to the opposite side of a triangle is called:


6. A circle passing through the three vertices of a triangle is called:


7. A circle touching the three sides of a triangle is called:


8. Two circles are congruent if their radii are:


9. A circle touching one side externally and the other two produced sides of a triangle internally is called:


10. A line bisecting an angle is called:


11. A tangent to the circle is always:



12. The tangents at the end points of the diameter of a circle are:



13. Two circles of different radii are:


14. If two circles touch internally, the distance between their centres is equal to:


15. Half of the length of diameter of the circle is called its:


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